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  • Table Mountain was named a New 7 Wonder of Nature following a three year battle in the race to choose the world’s seven most wonderful natural sites.

We invite you to our sunshine shores, come experience our breathtaking natural areas & wildlife, learn more about our unique cultures and meet our friendly people! It is our passion to share the hidden gems of South Africa with clients. Not only is it easy to be enthusiastic about the natural phenomena here at the tip of the African continent but it is definitely worthwhile enjoying, conserving and sharing with visitors!

For guests to experience the real South Africa they should enjoy the opportunity to visit our unique natural habitats, and also to meet the people who live in and are dependent on these areas. Visitors then learn more about how locals live and conserve, and also get to know local customs and traditions. In this way we hope to make holidays meaningful, and also ensure the opportunity to benefit locals in various ways.

In our opinion a satisfied client is one that returns home with lasting memories and stories to tell...

  • stories of the Meerkat man and his passion for suricates which gets him up at 04:00 in the morning,
  • the people of the West Coast giving one a taste of their local delicacies - 'bokkoms' and 'skuinskoek',
  • farm owners opening their fields and hearts to share the bountiful beauty of spring flowers in all their splendour,
  • eating dinner with a family in the Little Karoo who shares their experience of farming in a semi-desert area for generations whilst proudly pouring delicious local wines made in their cellar,
  • walking with Xhosa guides to the Hole-in-the-wall, listening to the legends of fisherman traversing these rough waters,
  • finding out  about the medicinal uses of buchu, bulbine, bitterbos and bietou as well as hunting and tracking skills from San guides

…and seeing everything from Southern Right Whales to long tongued pollinating flies through the eyes of passionate specialists!

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Egidio e Francesca, July 2010
Hi Ince,
we are in Rome but our mind is still in south Africa, thanks again and we hope to see you again soon.
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